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Let’s chat! Whether it is about beauty products and procedures, the latest and greatest or just a fun topic, we will discuss things that clients want to know about and maybe things they never even thought about.

I’d like to begin our first chat with introductions. The matriarch of our family, Dottie L’Heureux and youngest son, Brian L’Heureux, have formed Lash L’Heureux Coterie.

Now let me break down the name of the business…

–Lash... yes, we do lash extensions but ironically the deceased patriarch of the family, Adrian L’Heureux was nicknamed Lash L’Heureux more than 50 years ago. I’m sure he’d appreciate the tribute.

–L’Heureux is our family name, meaning the happy one. We love positive energy and want to bring a little bit of happiness to all of our friends, family and clients.

–Coterie is an exclusive group of people with a common interest, a high-end set, a clique. Beauty in all forms and displays is our common interest. Everyone deserves a little luxury and we want to bring that to you in our services. If you aren’t aware of it yet, you will be…lash and brow-enhancing services have become like a secret society for those of us that love beauty in every detail.

The fruition of this business would not have been possible without the love, hard work and support of Susan and Craig Ashlaw, Charlie Phelps and Ryan Newberry L’Heureux. We love and thank you very much from the depths of our hearts!

We’d like to say thanks to Chicago’s North Shore, which has always made us feel at home. Thanks to the community and patrons of Downtown Highland Park for being so friendly and welcoming. We are excited to build a future with all of you! If we haven’t already met, we look forward to meeting you! - Brian L’Heureux

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