Lash Extension Services

Opulent Coterie

Our most popular service! This look can be as natural or as dramatic as you desire. Whether you like the look of great mascara or the drama that just can’t be achieved on your own, this is the choice for you. We add length, volume and curl as we place a lash extension on the majority of your natural lashes, taking them to their fullest potential. Many clients feel as though they have been given a noninvasive, mini eyelift when they see the results. This look takes approximately two hours to apply.

Demie Coterie

If you are looking to lightly enhance your eyes then this is the choice for you. We add length, volume and curl throughout the lash line to about half of your natural lashes. We often blend both black and colored lash extensions to match your natural hair color to give a flawless look. This look takes approximately one hour and thirty minutes to apply.


Lash extensions are applied to about a quarter of your natural lashes throughout your lash line to properly blend but the focus is placed on the outer corners to help you achieve that seductive cat eye look. This look takes approximately one hour to apply.


It’s not just for the ladies! We blend natural colored lash extensions throughout the lash line to enhance the eyes while still keeping a masculine look. It’s a subtlety that makes a world of difference. You’d be surprised who’s wearing them! This look takes approximately one hour to apply.


The growth cycle of your natural lashes is two weeks to two months. As your natural lashes grow and shed, the lash extensions will shed with them. Maintenance is required every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking their best. We will Revamp your lash extensions to get them back to your desired look. In order to be considered a Revamp appointment, you must have at least half of your lash extensions remaining. Revamp appointments take approximately one hour depending on the original look.

*Beyond four weeks will require the initial service to be performed again.

*Packages and Memberships are non-refundable*

Existing Lash Extensions

If you currently have lash extensions you had applied at another salon but would like to have them Revamped at Lash L’Heureux Coterie, we are happy to oblige. We do however require a consultation in order to determine the quality of work, the condition your lashes are in and your desired look before we can determine the Revamp pricing.

If you have lash extensions that were applied at another salon and need them removed for any reason, we are happy to assist. This is a safe and painless process that takes approximately thirty minutes.

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