Eye-Enhancing Services

Brow Shaping

We work with what we call your individual Brow Trinity. Using your eye shape, facial structure and natural brow growth pattern we create a shape that is perfect for you! We believe that one hair can make a huge difference. Our brow work is very precise so it is not uncommon to be done solely by tweezing, we generally only wax to remove excess hair. We lose elasticity over time and regular waxing of areas prone to wrinkles can promote fine lines. Brow Shaping takes approximately thirty minutes.

Brow Tint

If you have brows that just don’t show up then a brow tint may be perfect for you. Your brows don’t need to match your hair color but they should at lease be coordinated! Brow Tinting takes approximately twenty minutes.

Lash Tint

Darkening your natural lashes can often make them appear longer and fuller and help accentuate the eyes in a “natural” way. This is a great service for those that have sensitivity to mascara. This is also a popular service for guys with light lashes who want a more youthful appearance but don’t want anybody to know they’ve had something done. Lash Tinting takes approximately one hour.

Lash Lift

If you have great lashes, are a mascara addict or curl your lashes on a daily basis then a Lash Lift is a must! Using an eyelash curler on a daily basis can damage your lashes over time resulting in shorter, thinner lashes. Get a Lash Lift that lasts 4-6 weeks and your lashes are bound to stay healthier longer. A Lash Lift takes approximately one hour.

*If you are thinking of doing a Lash Lift and a Lash Tint, the services must be done at least two days apart in order to extend the longevity of both the curl and the color.

Lash Flares

Small groups of lash extensions are applied throughout the lash line. This temporary eyelash enhancement can be as natural or dramatic as desired.

Lash Strips

Strips of lash extensions are applied to the lash line. This temporary application generally gives a more dramatic look.

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