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Whether it is for an event or just an evening out we are here to help you look your best. We work with your overall style, wardrobe and hair to help create a look that is right for your occasion. We do not work for the circus; so don’t expect to look like a clown! Makeup Application takes approximately one hour.

Makeup Lessons

Most people already know the basics of applying makeup, what you like and don’t like. People generally don’t want to see a stranger looking back in the mirror when they leave a makeup counter. That is often what happens because the sales associate has a job to demonstrate as many of their products as possible. Although we carry the Lash L’Heureux makeup line we are not here to try to sell you on every product we have. We work with you and the products you love to help your daily routine become easier. Often people get into a rut with their daily routine or haven’t adjusted their look as time evolves. We are here to lend a fresh set of eyes and an honest opinion. Remember, this is a lesson, so don’t expect to sit back and let us do all the work! We want you to come prepared with the products and brushes you use on a daily basis, as we want to see what is and isn’t working for you. We also want you to be able to recreate your new look with the products you are familiar with. Makeup Lessons take approximately one hour and thirty minutes.


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